Dental chair

  • Thanks to the smooth horizontal shift of patient chair, the patient feels more comfortable without having to readjust a position awkwardly due to the motion of backrest and chair seat. 
  • No stretching effect, no compression of stomach muscles 
  • Improved wider chair supports the whole body equally by posterior and back, keeping a patient relaxed during long-lasting treatment. 
  • Coated/Painted frame of patient chair looks tidy and prevent from rusting. 
  • Smooth, rounded surfaces simplify the process of asepsis 
  • Supper low position (380MM) allows you to lower the patient further, so you can bring your arms down to a more comfortable working position. 
  • Pivoting right armrest easily pivot out of the way so patient can be easily seated and exit (optional) 
  • The double articulated adjustable headrest allows effortless and comfortable head positioning